Trump’s Scary Demeanor

iVoteMassachusetts Donald Trump - Gage SkidmoreIt’s time to soul search and to, at last,tell the truth. Donald Trump is two things. First, dispite all the thrashing and dismay, he is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States.

Secondly, the Trump demeanor is scaring the holy you-know-what (expletive implied) out of the Republican Party bosses. He is the biggest threat in history to the club-fed mentality and their sense of security and control.

It’s the demeanor, stupid. Although iVoteAmerica has stated that Trump must pivot to conservatives in order to win the election in November, we don’t question his positions on the issue facing the Republic. We do, however, question his conservative credentials.

The unpredictable nature of Trump’s spewing verbosity is something Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, want to curb. In effect, Ryan wants to apply some political duct tape to Donald’s mouth and is scheduled to meet with him next week to attempt to muffle the roar.

Ryan will fail. In the end, Trump will not prove pliable. It is too late to throttle Donald’s persona, message and table manners. How many time has Mr. Trump stated, “I can be Presidential” only to lapse into his Jekyll-Hyde personality?

Trump’s scary demeanor has brought the key issues threatening the Republic to the surface. There is no hiding anymore. And for this, constitutional conservatives should be applauding.

It may well be true that we need to let Trump must be Trump, recognizing that the downside of any attempt to detour his authenticity will prove far more devastating in November, 2016.

We anticipate Ryan and Trump will emerge from their meeting each praising the other while asserting mutual agreement on the issues, whatever those are. Paul Ryan has painted himself into a corner and will, in the end, be forced to bow to Trump or, face political obliteration down the line.

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