Palin and Sessions Drink Trump Kool Aid

iVoteAmerica Sarah PalinFirst it was Sarah Palin, the once stalwart conservative and queen bee of the Tea Party. It was more than many of us could handle as we watch in shock and disbelief as the former Governor of Alaska stepped to the podium to endorse Donald Trump for President.

Millions of conservatives were watching nervously and asking the question, “What the… ?”

For many of us, our emotions bounced back and forth between denial and disappointment. The queen of conservatism took a huge plunge and drank Trump’s Kool Aid. It is a leap we could not completely comprehend or believe. A wet blanket of disbelief was thrown over the conservative movement, temporarily dampening the fires of commitment.

After all, Palin had previously backed Ted Cruz in his freshman bid to become a Texas Senator. She did so because of his unwavering evangelical beliefs and his unswerving commitment to the centrality of constitutional principals and their uncompromised application to government and law. I am sorry to have to say this but, Sarah, it felt like a betrayal to many of us.

Here was Sarah Palin, standing on stage endorsing an unproven, questionable, self-proclaimed but untested “evangelical” for President of the United States. Trump, as we see him, is a swash-buckling, fowl-mouthed, ego-centric tycoon whose positions run into convenient tributaries like water seeking lower ground.

Following her endorsement, Palin quickly disappeared from the campaign trail and after several weeks, we are calling on her to repudiate Trump by renouncing her endorsement, apologizing and throwing her support to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Absent a correction, Ms. Palin is going to be scarred by this apparently self-serving endorsement.

Then the second shoe dropped as Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) decided he too would dump the conservative movement and endorse Trump for President. The following video has nearly 90,000 views at the time of this post. Watch it in disbelief.

Jeff Sessions called the endorsement of Donald Trump, “his best judgement…” No, it’s a bad day for Jeff and for all of us who have been fighting the battle to elect the next Ronald Reagan and, Donald, we knew Ronald Reagan and you are no Ronald Reagan!”

As with Sarah Palin, we call on Senator Sessions to step forward before it is too late and renounce his endorsement and throw his Trump hat into the ring for Senator Ted Cruz.

iVoteAmerica Jeff SessionsLike Sarah Palin, Sessions has slipped behind the current of silence and denial to hide from his tragic mistake. Honestly, Senator, is Trump the constitutional conservative, values centered candidate we have all been seeking for our nominee in 2016?

Jeff and Sarah, we plead with you to come back to solid ground by renouncing what was an understandable error in judgment. After all, Trump has fooled a lot of us.

iVoteAmerica has endorsed Ted Cruz for President and we ask Sessions and Palin to do the same, quickly and without embarrassment. We have even written the statement for you, here it is:

After observing the events of the past several weeks and following significant contemplation, my conscience will not allow me to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President. Therefore, I am withdrawing my previous endorsement. – Jeff Sessions and Sarah Palin

There is it, simple, short and easy. You can even issue the retraction in writing, but we think a press conference is better suited for your statement.

After your statement is delivered, we can all acknowledge it as a temporary lapse in judgement (we all have them) and get back to fixing the problems of America.

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