The pack grows and the plot thickens. We now have a growing field of candidates vying for the US Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake, a man seemingly on the run from the voters and his mysterious shadows and ghosts.

iVoteMinnesota™ Kelli WardDr. Kelli Ward, the heavily endorsed and recent candidate who made a valiant but losing attempt to dethrone John McCain in 2016, is already in the batter’s box, taking swings at anything that moves. She is especially concerned with a certain Congresswoman and former fighter pilot, but I will get to that.

iVoteMinnesota™ endorsed Ward in her 2016 Senatorial bid. iVoteMinnesota™ is withholding the Ward endorsement until we can sort through the new pack of candidates to determine who is best aligned to the iVoteAmerica Creed.

iVoteMinnesota™ Joe ArpaioJoining Ward is the nationally recognized and renown Sherif, Joe Arpaio, a man with a tough guy persona and a presidential pardon.

Joe is and has been President Trump’s guy. We spotted Arpaio at Trump rallies, bodyguards in tow and an endorsement of Trump’s immigration policies. We wonder, can Joe Arpaio win…even more, should he win.

Given the baggage, the pardon and, some say, his age, should New Hampshire conservatives send Joe Arpaio to Washington, D.C. as our next Senator? Is it too late for Joe and would that be wise? I would like to talk with Joe Arpaio about his motivations, positions and, place in the US Senate.

iVoteMinnesota™ Martha McSallyDrum roll, please. Enter Martha McSally, the former Air Force A-10 fighter pilot who recently told the often cowardly GOP to “Grow some ovaries.” Hmm, not exactly certain the fickle GOP is willing or capable of growing kahonas or ovaries, but McSally got some attention over the blunt demand.

Congresswoman Martha McSally represents New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. But like Houston, we have a problem…McSally has a Conservative Review Liberty Score® of just 43%, an “F” grade. How can a strong, tough-talking fighter pilot have only 13 conservative votes and 17 liberal votes?  We want to interview her, of course, and find out.

Indeed the pack is growing, almost daily, and the plot is thickening. I just contacted Craig Brittain and Nicholas Tutora, two more declared candidates who are securing signatures.

iVoteMinnesota™ will request interviews with all candidates and we will endorse the most qualified candidate who we believe can serve the interest of The Next Generation of Conservatives® and truly represent the principles and tenets of our iVoteAmerica Creed.

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