Gov. Baker Nixes NC Travel

iVoteMinnesota Gov. Mark DaytonLet the Governor wars begin and let it start with Governor Mark Dayton issuing an edict that prohibits Minnesota state employees from travelling to North Carolina.

Governor Baker has made his own judgement regarding North Carolina’s new law banning self-proclaimed transgender people from restrooms (and locker rooms) which are designated for specific gender use, as in men and women’s restrooms.

I have instructed employees in all state agencies to refrain from traveling to North Carolina for conferences or other official state business, until the North Carolina Governor and State Legislature repeal the discriminatory law they enacted last week.” – Governor Mark Dayton

iVoteMinnesota recognizes the nutty Governor for what he is, a true liberal, politically correct doctrinaire.

Governor Baker came out like a fully loaded battleship and expanded his position by warning Minnesota legislators not to attempt to copy the North Carolina law stating, “…proposals to enshrine such measures of discrimination in our state laws are appalling, and they are wrong…” Read the full statement.

Baker joins a growing chorus of politically correct Governors including Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Peter Shumlin (D-VT) and mayor Muriel Bowser (D-DC) in the issuance of travel bans to North Carolina. The edict halts all previously scheduled travel to North Carolina.

The notion that gender differentiated restrooms and locker rooms is somehow discriminatory and must be prohibited by the government smacks of fascism.

To endanger our children by allowing grown men to enter a girls restroom based upon the mere insistence they are women is ludicrous.

The logic used by Governor Baker for banning state travel to North Carolina fits right in with his targeting of Minnesota’s top earning residents with higher taxes and his other loony positions that continue to deepen the state’s progressive slide.

iVoteMinnesota calls for the ouster of Governor Baker for the simple reason that he has no common sense.

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